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Bro Bowl Tampa Change.org

"This is important history…Let it live!"
— Bård Bjoner, MOSS, NORWAY

"It is an important & well known (around the world) historical landmark within the sport of skateboarding. My children's father skated there when he was a child and now my children are starting and learning how to skate there. I love that it also brings us into the down town Tampa area which we don't often find reason to visit."
— Voni Moore, TAMPA, FLORIDA

"I grew up in Tampa and spent many afternoons and weekends at the Bro Bowl. I have moved out of the area, but the bowl is still hugely important to many of my friends, who still skate their and some of whom skate their with their children now. It has cultural and historical significance and should be honored as a part of Tampa's history. In the last 20 years, the City of Tampa has too often demolished history in favor of bigger things they determine to be better for Tampa. We do not agree with your plans - the bowl is good for Tampa."
— Dawn Webster, JACKSON, WYOMING