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The Bro Bowl: 30 years of Tampa concrete

This is not one of the trailers, but the full-length documentary, courtesy of the filmmakers—John X. Dmaio, Troy Durrett, and Lance Robson, and Eye Splice Creative. Thanks, guys!

GoPro Goofin'

High-speed edited footage of the Bro Bowl, some surfing, and other stuff.
"A small sample of the ridiculous amount of clips taken with the GoPro during 2010. 2011 resolution, get away from the gulf coast of florida and get some better surfing vids."

Bro Bowl documentary trailer, #1

Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Christian Hosoi, and Kevin Staab Get Ready For The Quiksilver All 80's All Day Vert Challenge

Fun. Next time you guys come to Florida, let's do an All Day Bank Challenge at the Bro Bowl.

Freerider Skatecycle visits the Bro Bowl, looking for hot talent

Brooklyn Workshop flies to Florida:
"Took a trip to Tampa and found some guys with skills! The Freerider Skatecycle takes flight."

Brooklyn Workshop films FREERIDER SKATECYCLE promo at the Bro Bowl

The Award Winning Skatecycle - Hammacher Schlemmer

The ad was shot at the Bro Bowl.

Click on the "Play Video" link at the Hammacher Schlemmer web page: "This is the skatecycle—the next generation recreational vehicle that won an International Design Excellence Award and a permanent place in the Henry Ford Museum."

skatecyce hammcaher S

From Mild in the Park to Wild in the Streets in Tampa

From Rob Meronek at Skatepark of Tampa:
Go Skateboarding Day was nuts in Tampa. We started with Andrew Reynolds, Ed Templeton, Marquis Preston, and Bryan Herman skating at Skatepark of Tampa on Sunday and then pushing through the streets with three or four hundred skaters.

mild to wild

Video clip from Skatepark of Tampa on YouTube:

Special screening of Bro Bowl documentary

A screening of the new Bro Bowl documentary, The Bro Bowl: 30 years of Tampa Concrete, is taking place on June 26 at TheStudio@620 at 620 First Avenue South in St. Petersburg, Florida.


Go Skateboarding Day in Tampa, 2010

Skaters make their way through Tampa to the Bro Bowl for a legend session with pro skater Andrew Reynolds. Reynolds goes for an Ollie from the bowl into the adjacent basketball courts.

Bro Bowl on GrindTV

skate grind TV
The Bro Bowl: 30 years of Tampa Concrete documentary gets a special mention on the Yahoo! Sports Channel, Grind TV!
Watch it here.

New Bro Bowl documentary: LA Skate Film Festival

The documentary, The Bro Bowl: 30 years of Tampa Concrete, is on the LA Skate Film Fest radar.
Check it out:

The 2010 Los Angeles Skate Film Festival
Press play, pause, eject, stop…RECORD. How many skate videos have been popped in and out of VCRs and DVD players across the world? How many premieres have we flocked to over the years?...

bro bowl doc 1