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Go Skateboarding Day 2011

Go Skate Day 2011

From Mild in the Park to Wild in the Streets in Tampa

From Rob Meronek at Skatepark of Tampa:
Go Skateboarding Day was nuts in Tampa. We started with Andrew Reynolds, Ed Templeton, Marquis Preston, and Bryan Herman skating at Skatepark of Tampa on Sunday and then pushing through the streets with three or four hundred skaters.

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Video clip from Skatepark of Tampa on YouTube:

Andrew Reynolds, mad Ollie over the gap at the Bro Bowl

A revisit to 1998 when Andrew Reynolds came to film to the Bro Bowl to film part of his legendary video sequence for Tony Hawk's BIRDHOUSE video, THE END. Reynolds goes back to the future with this 2010 Ollie over the gap into the basketball courts, captured in this sequence, shot on June 21 during Go Skateboarding Day. (The original image can be found here on the Skatepark of Tampa website.)


Go Skateboarding Day in Tampa, 2010

Skaters make their way through Tampa to the Bro Bowl for a legend session with pro skater Andrew Reynolds. Reynolds goes for an Ollie from the bowl into the adjacent basketball courts.

OBEY: Go Skateboarding Day, 2010

Go Skateboarding Day approaches. See you on June 21.

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