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Another (More Recent) Tampa History Lesson

Some would lead you to believe that the campaign to preserve the Bro Bowl is relatively new and merely a last-ditch effort to impede the progress of modern skateboarding and the City of Tampa’s plans to revitalize Perry Harvey Sr. Park. This article from 2006 contains evidence to the contrary. Published long before local journalists aligned themselves with the political agenda that seeks to destroy a piece of its own City’s history, the article clearly states how the community has felt for nearly a decade.

Misinformation has been the most popular tactic employed in the effort to destroy the Bowl. First, it was that the Bowl had to go because of the widening of Orange Avenue, (which was later refuted) and then it stood in the way of honoring Central Avenue History (which has also since been proven false). Now it has come down to the Bowl must be demolished “just because”.

During the latest discussions the City has maintained that the “consensus” supports their plan. Take a few minutes to read this article that dates back to when the topic of destroying the Bowl was first introduced and note the details. Considering the direction Perry Harvey Sr. Park is headed, many elements of Central Avenue will reborn, including soul, jazz, and segregation.

Colliding cultures
Which way do you go when renovating a park that has historical significance for black residents - and for white skateboarders?
Published November 6, 2006
St. Petersburg Times (Now Tampa Bay Times)