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The Bro Bowl Preservation Campaign is made up of individuals like yourself and organizations who support the idea that the Bro Bowl in Tampa, Florida, should be preserved. Some of these organizations include:


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The Perry Harvey Sr. Park Skateboard Bowl, also known as the “Bro Bowl” was constructed in 1978 in heart of the Historic Central Avenue area of Downtown Tampa, Florida. it has become a Tampa landmark that is internationally known and stands as one of the last surviving parks of the skatepark era (1976-1982) and skateboarding's Golden Age (1973-1980). The surf style concrete skateboard park was constructed by the City of Tampa as a means of providing a recreational facility for inner city youth. It consists of a steep downhill course which leads to a curved dish at the bottom of the hill. It varies in depth from approximately one to six feet. It is part downhill slalom, part ditch, and part swimming pool. It sits in an idyllic setting with grass and shade trees, and is surrounded by a playground, a recreation building, sidewalks, and basketball courts. The structure is in good condition due to the maintenance performed by the city, as well as the voluntary upkeep by the local skateboarders who frequent it. It is one of the oldest surviving concrete skateboard parks in the United States and world.

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Banner Photo: Bro Bowl during the early 1980s. Copyright © Paul Schmitt


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Dedication plaque for Perry Harvey Sr. Park. The park and the Bro Bowl opened in 1978, but was not dedicated until the following year.
Photo: Lance Robson

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"The Bro Bowl is a defining piece of rich Florida skateboarding history. When the world thinks of skateboarding in Florida or the East Coast, they think of the Bro Bowl, Kona, and the Skate Park of Tampa. It would be a shame not to honor this piece of history."

— Chuck Dinkins, 80s and 90s pro skater and inductee into the Skateboard Hall of Fame

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